About DRDP

Delta Research Digital Productions is a specialized operations group designed to function as a highly enabled video production studio capable of achieving the highest quality productions. In operation for more than 10 years, DRDP has developed domain expertise in the military industry allowing it to emerge as one of the top animation groups used by government entities and defense contractors. With more than 40 years embedded expertise in engineering, physics, animation, modeling, and video production, DRDP offers a unique understanding of the science and engineering behind our customers’ programs. The ability to understand the real world aspects of system operations gives DRDP an unprecedented talent in bringing program concepts and scenarios to life.

DRDP maintains capabilities in high-end digital and multimedia software, including, but not limited to:

Video Production – from concept to storyboard, scripting to realization, DRDP can produce professional, Hollywood style videos using the latest industry standard software.

Motion Graphics – DRDP has a wealth of talent enabling us to produce the most engaging video based graphics the human race has ever seen.

3D Modeling – with hundreds, no, thousands of years of combined experience, DRDP can model just about anything you can think of, and a whole bunch of stuff you cant.

3D Anthropomorphic Animation – if it moves, we can build it, rig it, and make it look like lives, wild and free, among the tree creatures on the mountain. Also, we employ a programming savant and motorcycle whisperer that make the most badass ‘splosions you’ve ever seen.

3D Character Animation – DRDP is one of a very few number of companies in  the United States that maintains motion capture hardware in a funny yellow spandex suit. If we cant animate it by hand, we just put Kurt in it and make him dance.

Real-time Application Development – new to DRDP is the ability to produce actual simulation and gaming type stuff.  Want to show off your latest hardware to the .gov in Virtual Reality or even Augmented Reality? We’re your guys.