Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an average three to five minute animation cost?
The cost of an animation can greatly vary depending on several factors. These factors can include the environment, length, complexity, unique modeling, character involvement, lighting, and resolution. Once these factors are determined, we can provide accurate quotes.

How long does it take to create a three to five minute animation?
Depending on the complexity of your video and the resolution, a five-minute video for example can take two to six months to produce.

What formats can you provide?
DRDP can provide videos in most any format: DVD, CD, QuickTime, Windows Video, Flash, and other formats upon request.

What resolutions do you offer, and is there a price difference?
We offer any resolution the customer requires which can vary anywhere from NTSC and HD to high-resolution prints.

How portable is your motion capture system?
The motion capture system that Delta Research Digital Productions currently owns and operates is very portable and can be carried and used in almost any location. The entire system packs into a small case and laptop bag, and can be relocated from location to location with minimum downtime.

What data formats can you provide in motion capture?
Motion capture data is generally provided in BVH format, but can be converted into FBX format upon request.

How much data cleaning is involved with your motions capture system?
The motions captured using the system generally requires some level of cleaning which is done using the propriety or MotionBuilderĀ® software. These programs also allow editing and manipulation of the motion for changes required by the customer or director.